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The United States has a strong interest in making sure that both parents support their children. All 50 states have strictly enforced child support laws. Parents who do not comply with a child support order are subject to several kinds of penalties. Child support determinations are made by considering factors including the income of the parents, the responsibilities of the parents, and the number of children as well as their needs. Each state has their own laws and ways that they determine child support orders. Quiñonez Law Firm is especially knowledgeable and experienced in child support litigation in the states of Texas and New Mexico.

Your Family’s Wellbeing is Important

Children should never have to be caught in the middle of their parents’ divorce when it comes to financial support. Children deserve financial support for life’s necessities as well as a stable environment that contributes to a positive upbringing. We want to ensure the financial stability of children involved in family law cases.

How We Can Serve You

We can help resolve child support disputes involving disagreements over incomes, payment level, or frequency of payments. We communicate and explain every detail of child support law that is applicable to your case. We want to provide comfort and confidence in these kinds of cases as our clients navigate these sensitive legal processes.

We can:

  • Establish proper levels of child support
  • Resolves issues about child support amounts being paid
  • Interpret state income-based guidelines
  • Interpret post-judgement modifications
  • Ensure enforcement of court ordered support.

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We’d be happy to set up a consultation and see how we can assist you with your child support case. Legal representation of your child is important, and you need a family lawyer that will help you understand the rules and apply them to your situation. Contact us today.

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