Questioning Child Support?

Either by divorce or not, the protection of your child expenses is very important for us, being a single parent household is not easy, here are the procedures we will take in order to guarantee you the monetary protection you are seeking for your children. You can seek child support with an emergency basis before … Continue reading “Questioning Child Support?”

Military Divorce

Divorce in Military families- What are the differences ? The spouses need to file the divorce in the state where they have the residence, the person who wants to start the divorce files in the state he/she lives. The federal Law that divides the military pensions is the “Uniformed Services Former Spouses’ Protection Act” (USFSPA), … Continue reading “Military Divorce”

Divorce Process Part 2

In Texas, where for many years the lack of a provision for permanent alimony has made temporary alimony has made temporary alimony especially crucial, Tex fam code {ann 3.58}, Dissolution of Marriage, concerning temporary orders, declares in one sentence that after a petition, the court “may take temporary orders respecting the property and parties as … Continue reading “Divorce Process Part 2”