What Happens to the Pets During a Divorce?

Divorces can be messy and sometimes, it can be difficult to determine who gets what, such as collectibles or the house. It can be especially messy if kids are involved, but what about pets? Here’s what you need to know about what happens to pets during a divorce, from a divorce lawyer. Pets are Typically … Continue reading “What Happens to the Pets During a Divorce?”

5 Things You Should Know About Pedestrian Accidents

Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents are all too common in the United States, with as many as 6,000 people dying from a pedestrian accident every year. In addition, nearly 130,000 pedestrians are injured in accidents. While certain measures are being introduced every day to help reduce this issue, it’s still a rampant problem in the U.S. Here … Continue reading “5 Things You Should Know About Pedestrian Accidents”

Taking the Emotion Out of Child Custody: Working with a Lawyer

Going through a divorce can be a trying experience, especially if you have children, who may be confused and hurt by the situation. When deciding on child custody, it’s important to take your children’s best interests into consideration, but that can be hard to do when you and your ex are incredibly flooded with emotions. … Continue reading “Taking the Emotion Out of Child Custody: Working with a Lawyer”

Taking the Emotion Out: Working with a Divorce Lawyer

Did you know in 2016, there were 827,261 divorces in the United States according to the CDC? That’s nearly a million divorces in one year…and that number shows no sign of going down, especially as statistics show divorces are becoming more and more common. It wouldn’t be shocking if 2018 is the year we hit … Continue reading “Taking the Emotion Out: Working with a Divorce Lawyer”

How Does Workers Compensation Work in Texas?

If you’ve been injured or have fallen ill because of your job, you may be wondering what rights you are entitled to. Typically, most employers have a workers compensation policy they’ve created based on laws in the state and county they operate in. This policy ensures you receive a wage and benefits should you sustain … Continue reading “How Does Workers Compensation Work in Texas?”

How a Child Custody Lawyer Can Guide the Way

In Texas, child custody laws may seem difficult to navigate. For this reason, it’s best to team up with a child custody lawyer in order to successfully traverse the murky waters of custody law. A lawyer can provide the legal counsel your require in order to achieve the desired result at the end of the … Continue reading “How a Child Custody Lawyer Can Guide the Way”

Important Facts About Child Custody in Texas

When a divorce takes place the hardest decisions come down to the children involved. Custody in the state of Texas can be strict. However, the Texas courts always place a priority on the welfare of the children. The Texas Custody laws can be difficult to understand. Hiring a family law attorney is a great way … Continue reading “Important Facts About Child Custody in Texas”

The Prenup Process in Texas

Marriage is a beautiful thing, but something as simple as finances can cause a lot of stress in one. That is why it’s important to create a prenup that details how your finances will be handled should you two divorce. It can also help manage finances based on what each party brings to the marriage, … Continue reading “The Prenup Process in Texas”

The Child Support Litigation Process

Going through a divorce and raising a child while divorced from their other parent can be, well, difficult. Child support is a good way to ensure both parents, no matter how strained their relationship with each other might be, have enough financial support to care for the child. However, when one repeatedly doesn’t pay or … Continue reading “The Child Support Litigation Process”

What rights does a father have after separation ?

When it comes to questions after a divorce, I believe this is the most common asked, so in this weeks blog I hope I answer all of your doubts related to this topic. As a divorcing parents you should maintain a strength in the foundation of your children’s lives. Fighting over the kids is not the … Continue reading “What rights does a father have after separation ?”